• 27 Drum Sounds
      • 16 Polyphonic Synths
      • Drum Mixer
      • Synth Mixer
      • Programmable Step Sequencer
      • Programmable Pattern Sequencer
      • Song Mode
      • BPM Slider
      • LFO Effect
      • Tape Stop Effect
      • 16 Songs / Files
      • LED Indicators
      • Global Value Controls
      • Delay, Reverb, Flanger, Distortion
      • 16 Synth Mutes
      • 16 Drum Mutes


The core of Step Sixteen is the programmable 16 step sequencer. Start the sequencer and input steps to trigger the selected channel's sound. The user can program drum rhythms across 16 separate channels with their own assigned sound.


The drum matrix allows the user to quickly program all 16 drum channels of a pattern in one place, while the synth matrix enables the user to write melodies, chords or arpeggios across 16 synths. There is one synth matrix for each of the 16 channels.


Patterns can be chained together and sequenced when in Song Mode. This allows the user to create songs composed of several patterns with distinct rhythmic and melodic content. The amount of times a pattern repeats can be set using the number multiplier below the pattern.

Unleash an expanse of percussive possibilities & rhythmic delights with Step Sixteen.